Care & Repair


Care for Gemstones (opal, turquoise, ruby, emerald, sapphire, etc.) 

Keep gemstones away from high heat, chemicals, oils, perfumes, and household cleaners. Clean your gemstones using warm, sudsy water and dry them immediately with a soft cloth. Avoid using commercial jewelry cleaners, steam, or ultrasonic cleaners. 


If your piece requires repair or arrives in an unsatisfactory condition please do not hesitate to email us at Items that need repair within 60 days of purchase will not incur a repair fee. After this window, the repair price will be provided after the item is reviewed by us. After sending us an email and receiving confirmation you may send your piece back via a trackable shipping method to:

302 Bedford Ave, PBM #412

Brooklyn, NY,11249 USA


Gold Vermeil, refers to jewelry containing a Silver base that is plated with Gold. Gold Vermeil, in another term, is known as “gilded silver.” Vermeil is a French term and pronounced as “Ver-may.”

The Process Of Making Gold Vermeil

Gold Vermeil is crafted from “nickel-free” sterling silver and coated with a thick layer of gold, amounting to 2.5 microns or to be precise, 10 karats (42% approx. of gold content). That being said, this is the required layer for it to be termed and approved as “Gold Vermeil” in the USA. And this entire procedure is known as “electrolysis or electroplating.”

The Durability Of Vermeil

The thicker the plating, the longer vermeil will last. The good thing about vermeil is that it uses nickel-free sterling silver as the base, which means it is free of elements that will cause any skin reactions or allergies. In case, a manufacturer uses different metal as a base particularly those containing nickel must be disclosed by the manufacturer as such. Also, Gold Vermeil has superiority over those gold-plated or gold-filled items that incorporate cheap, low-quality metal as their base. With proper care, Gold Vermeil jewelry lasts a long time.


Wahidon prides itself on delivering the highest quality to our customers.
Our atelier based in new york where our designer keeps the art forms very unique by hand crafting each piece; thereby giving the jewelry its own distinct identity.
Our goldsmith /silversmith is renowned for his natural talent along with his knowledge and skills handed down from previous generation. Wahidon adopts the highest and the best quality of vermeil gold coating technique using 24k gold.
We use thick layer of gold coating, amounting to 2.5 microns. The good thing about vermeil coating is that it uses nickel-free sterling silver as the base, which means it is free of elements that will cause any skin reaction or allergies.